News Offers in June

We are doing some offers in JUNE  for the last few days available

This is only a valid option if you directly download from our site.
Is a real 10% discount!

Is valid only on June dates in apartments or cottages.

Choose your experience at PODERE PIANA

Prosecco at Podere Piana
Podere Piana Prosecco June
Papavero living room Podere Piana
Papavero living room Podere Piana
Girasole Bedroom Podere Piana
Girasole Bedroom Podere Piana
Kitchen Limoni Podere Piana
Kitchen Limoni Podere Piana


Social And Portals

Like so many others, you can find us in many travel sites portals like

and others It’s not a secret!!
There could be there some good offers for you maybe created by the portal, or even contacting us directly you can find the package that prefer.
Some people have known us just in 8 years, many come here and sometimes had returned, of course can remember that we give at the holiday end the our Paper Guest Book.
Well, we don’t must say to write a review on the portal, because for you is nice written and draw with ink, and the important is that welcome you and stay here very well!!!!

But in this society of “Social web ” it’s so crazy for us have only the Big Paper Book fully and others Farms or hotels have pages and pages of reviews on line!!!

So today we are publishing some photos of the reviews in the paper. And if you have a little time, maybe you can write by us also on the usual virtual portal.

And of course we are in Facebook at here !!!

Thank you all again.